Keeping PHI Safe and Secure


  • We started as a HIPAA compliant texting solution for healthcare, and the cloud allowed us to expand into Voice, Integrations, Schedules and Patient Coordinator.
  • As a cloud-based platform hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Halo does not require hardware updates, equipment space & cooling, or a significant investment of full-time employees. All of this translates into lower operating costs for health systems.
  • Cloud-based systems scale quicker and more efficiently than on-premise solutions. As your system expands organically or through acquisition, Halo can be implemented and deployed without the need for time and labor-intensive on-site installations.
  • Our cloud-based platform also offers the same user experience regardless of location. This helps drive efficiencies and increases adoption for clinicians who work at more than one location, or who travel to see patients outside of  health facilities.



  • Halo supports extensive integrations to facilitate interoperability across your clinical IT systems.
  • Nurses and physicians can receive Labs and PACS results in real time, providing improved patient care.
  • Integrating Halo with an EHR gives users the ability to update patient records immediately.
  • Secure messages can be sent to Halo directly from call centers or paging services, and the platform integrates with all major SSO software vendors.
  • Mobilize alarms to ensure only the right alerts get to the right clinician at the right time.
  • Integrate with existing scheduling systems or use Halo Schedules to facilitate role-based on-call communication.


In all healthcare organizations, effective and secure real-time communication is essential to improving outcomes and reducing costs while remaining compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. 

Halo offers reliability and security by leveraging:

  • AWS platform
  • ISO 27000 series
  • SAE 16

We have strict security features to protect your data, including:

  • PHI encryption at all levels
  • SOC II and HITRUST certifications

Unified Development

The products in the Halo platform are designed from the ground up to work together holistically as a platform, rather than "bolting" on acquired, purchased or otherwise outsourced solutions. This allows for a more consistent clinical user experience, which ultimately increases end user adoption.

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