Implementation Process

Halo Health Journey

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1. Assessing Your Needs
We explore your health system’s clinical communication challenges with you to understand your pain points and determine ultimate goals. Download our Clinical Communication Quick Course 

2. Demonstrating the Value
Halo demonstrates our solution to your challenges directly to your executive Nursing, Physician and IT leadership teams. Read our Insight Collaboration Starts with the Executive Team to learn more.

3. Defining Scope
Our leadership teams align on the appropriate scope of the project and the definition of success.

4. Implementation and Planning
Our combined teams plan the implementation appropriately and complete required pre-work for project management. Download Secrets for Successful Implementations 

5. Executing Together
We jointly execute on strategy to implement Halo across your health system. 

6. Post Go-Live Support
Halo Customer Care team continues to support your organization to strengthen our relationship after go-live.

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