Using Halo Handoff

Getting Started

Selecting Handoff Contacts
  1. Log into the Halo mobile app and select the Settings tab.
  2. Tap Handoff and select Handoff Contacts.
  3. Select the names of all users with whom you may hand off or share patients and tap Done.
Creating a Patient Handoff Record
  1. Tap the plus (+) sign. Enter the patient name and any additional information. Tap Save.
  2. Once the patient Handoff record is created, you will be identified as the Covering Provider.
Handing Off or Sharing a Patient Handoff Record
  1. Select the check box next to one or more patient Handoff records.
  2. Tap Action and select the Handoff or Share option.
  3. Select the check box next to the provider with whom you would like to Handoff or Share.
  4. The patient Handoff record will remain Pending until the Handoff is accepted by the receiving provider.
  5. If the Handoff option is selected, the receiving provider will be listed as Covering Provider once the Handoff record is accepted.
  6. A Halo message will be sent to you with confirmation of acceptance.
Accepting a Patient Handoff Record
  1. You will receive a Halo message when a Patient Handoff Record is handed off to you indicating that a Handoff Record is pending acceptance.
  2. Tap the Handoff tab.
  3. Tap Accept.
  4. You will then be listed as the Covering Provider.