Consult with Colleagues in Real Time

No more phone tag, no more patient interruptions, no more waiting for call-backs – Halo gives physicians the ability to consult with colleagues in real time. Collaborating with a care team in real time with HIPAA compliant texting, VoIP calls and mobilizing only critical alerts. Better communication means faster responses, reduction in length of stay and readmissions for patients, and reduced interruption fatigue for care givers.

Halo At Work

Reach colleagues directly

Leaving messages and waiting for call-backs are workflows of the past. HIPAA compliant texting lets you contact physicians while avoiding unnecessary interruptions when with patients.

Know who is on call

Combined with HIPAA compliant texting, our enterprise-wide scheduling and on-call management system allows physicians to collaborate faster by knowing who is on call and being able to contact them immediately. 

Forward calls with ease

Route calls to a nurse while you're in the OR without giving out your password or pin code. Senders are always notified that the message is being forwarded and have the choice to cancel the message.

Place voice calls with confidence

The Halo mobile app can transform into a soft phone allowing integration into on-site VoIP servers to supplement HIPAA compliant texting.

Escalate messages 

Ensure you'll never miss an urgent message by securely escalating notifications to other platforms including SMS text, automated call and pager. An essential feature for physicians who travel to different medical facilities or rural areas.

Receive after-hours messages

After-hours call centers can send HIPAA compliant texts that include complete patient details. Physicians don't have to waste time answering a page or calling in to retrieve the full message. Read our Insight Are Your Call Centers HIPAA Compliant? to learn more.

Secure Text Messaging For Healthcare

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