The Clinical Communication Quick Course

Halo Clinical Communications Platform

When journal studies and The Joint Commission cited miscommunication as a leading cause of sentinel events, medical errors and revenue loss, health systems embraced secure, HIPAA compliant messaging technology.

They had numerous options to evaluate. Everyone from legacy technology companies to EHR vendors jumped into the market, offering their own versions of secure texting. HIPAA-compliance and basic texting functionality became extraordinarily easy to find.

But from there, the landscape became considerably more complicated as users discovered that basic texting suffered limited adoption without expanded workflow functionality. And, of course, limited adoption rendered it even less effective—what good is a texting network if no one is on it?

The race was on, then, to integrate the platform into hospital technology systems. Enter EHR integrations, alarm management and a laundry list of features that a health system may or may not need.

What features are essential for a complete Clinical Communication Platform™? What should a health system expect from a clinical communication vendor? This quick course will teach you everything you need to know in four easy lessons.

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