The Pull of the Magnet Conference

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Magnet nursing conference in Denver, Colorado, as the chair of the Halo Nursing Advisory Council. This amazing forum included over 10,000 nurses with more than 250 international attendees from 20 different countries. Magnet recognition, as many of you are aware, is the highest designation for nursing excellence and high quality patient care. It was exciting to work with the Halo team in spreading the word about how Halo can improve patient outcomes along with nurse and physician satisfaction.

The Magnet conference included the kick off for the Halo Most Interesting Nurse contest. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to learn of the $5,000 dollar vacation that will be awarded to the nurse selected. This contest confirms that Halo values the contributions of nurses and found a unique way to show appreciation!

It was wonderful to share my experience of using Halo to improve care coordination, decrease hospital length of stay, and simplify communication. I have always been proud to tell people that Halo has established nursing and physician councils in an effort to incorporate clinician feedback into product design and development. I love when the team asks, “What would make your daily communication interactions easier?” The council includes nursing leaders from healthcare organizations across the country and members will often describe an issue and ask the Halo team for possible solutions. It is inspirational to see that everyone always keeps the best interest of the patient in mind.

Halo looks forward to seeing everyone in Orlando next year!

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