Team Building at 55 Feet in the Air

The Halo Columbus Team planned an outing for fun and team building at Vertical Adventures, a rock climbing and fitness facility. Quality Assurance Engineer Erik Walker and Product Manager Megan Winafeld organized the event for the office, and 12 brave team members accepted the challenge.

Erik, Product Manager Dessa Augsburger, and Director of Project Management Parimal Dandekar are certified at belaying and held their team members’ lives in their hands as the group climbed to over 55 feet. The team climbed for 2 hours and is proud to report zero injuries. Great quality control, team!

After the event, everyone was starving so they all went to Skyline for an afternoon of “carb, meat and cheese debauchery,” according to Chief Product Officer Steve Roth.

Halo Team Goes Rock Climbing