Halo Highlight: Ngoc Tran

“Halo Highlight” is a series of interviews showcasing our unique and talented team members. This week, we sat down with Marketing Intern Ngoc Tran. She’s the creative force behind this Halo Highlight series, and we wanted to take a moment to highlight her! Ngoc is approaching her last year at the University of Cincinnati, where she’s double majoring in Marketing and Information Systems.

What’s been your favorite project at Halo Health this summer?

Two projects, actually: Getting to work on Halo’s new Careers page and the Halo Highlights. For the Careers page, I was able to design the layout and find all the information, write the copy, and see it through from start to finish. As an intern, to have the opportunity to pitch and execute my own ideas is very rewarding – and cool! The Highlights are fun because as I continue to interview other team members, I get a better feel of why they chose to work here. It’s also always interesting to hear them describe their ideal cups of coffee.

If you had a personal motto, what would it be?

“If you want to do something, just do it.” Sometimes I second guess myself, and it’s probably due to fear of failure or uncertainty. If there’s something you really want to do, you should be able to do whatever it is without feeling intimidated by other people or worrying about what they will think of you. I’ve learned a lot about “going for it” since being at Halo – it makes things more fun!

What are your plans for your last year of college and beyond?

I’m going to be studying in Italy at the University of Torino this fall, where I’ll be taking culture and international business courses. I’m excited for this new experience because I knew I wanted to study abroad, but didn’t know where or when. My friends and I had talked about planning a trip after graduation, but I figured why not do it now? As for after school, I’ve been looking into a few graduate programs. I’m interested in studying how people communicate and share information, whether that’s through design, marketing, or media. I hope to find myself working in that area.

What has surprised you the most about your internship at Halo?

From the initial interview and hearing about Halo’s “startup culture,” I knew it was going to be a fast-paced environment. What I’m most surprised about is that everyone is genuinely happy to be in the office. I’ve seen people at other workplaces who like their job, but they still want to go home at the end of the day. Here, people don’t rush out of the office at 5:00. They linger and chat with other team members – I almost missed my bus because of that! Interning here has made me realize how important company culture is and how it can enhance your everyday role. Any company will welcome you at the beginning. At Halo, that welcoming spirit never ends.

What is something your coworkers at Halo may not know about you?

I played piano for 14 years! I participated in recitals and competitions, practiced every single day…for much of my life, I was focused on music.

What is your go-to cup of coffee at Halo?

Here, my go-to cup of coffee is the French Vanilla latte. Before, I only drank black coffee, but now I’m more into the fun, sugary drinks. I’m spoiled by the Halo coffee machine! If we’re talking about the ideal cup of coffee, it’s not too warm, not too hot, and in a mug that comfortably fits into my hand.

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