Halo Highlight: Corinne Phillips

Halo Highlight” is a series of interviews showcasing our unique and talented team members. This week, we sat down with Director of Customer Care Corinne Phillips to learn more about her background, the company culture at Halo, and what’s on her bucket list. 

What’s it like being on the Customer Care Team?
We see the bigger picture of what Halo is trying to achieve. By identifying trends in the incoming tickets, we’re able to be more proactive and ensure that our customers are satisfied with our platform. We also work closely with the development team in order to prepare for upcoming releases, familiarize ourselves with any features, and determine what additional resources we might need. My role involves on-the-spot training because we have to ready to walk through the platform with someone at any given time. It’s rewarding to know that what we’re doing is empowering our users to use the Halo application in the best way they can. 

How did you first hear about the company?
I was recruited. Before the interview, I researched more about Halo, and it sounded like a really fulfilling position at a fantastic company. There was something about its worthwhile mission, in that its goal was to save lives by improving collaboration among doctors, nurses, and specialists. My mom is an RN, and I’ve always admired her work and the many ways she has helped people throughout her career. I love having the opportunity to help shape a solution and learning new enhancements to share with our customers. Halo has experienced explosive growth – I started with a much smaller team, and it’s been amazing to witness everything the company has achieved since then.   

How would you describe the company culture? 
It’s a collaborative, fast-paced, and agile environment surrounded by a remarkable group of people. If we ever face any challenges, everyone keeps their cool, and I know that I can rely on them for help. It’s very easy to go ask anyone a question if you need clarification. Having an open office is great because you can approach people in other departments to get the information you need!  

What’s your favorite part about working at Halo? 
There are always opportunities to learn new things, and everyone shares their own expertise to help each other grow. I love that we can regularly contact our development and product teams to share feedback from our customers. It’s wonderful to see that input taken into consideration and then implemented as new or improved features. Everyone combines their skills and expertise in order to improve the user experience, and it’s really gratifying. Being able to improve customer satisfaction is the best part of customer service!  

What’s your ideal cup of coffee?
Espresso. It’s a nice, quick, and strong shot of caffeine.   

What’s on your bucket list?
I would love to go back to Italy with my husband and bring the kids, rent a villa, learn how to make pasta and other traditional Italian dishes. We might also drink wine and enjoy the countryside – that would be amazing.  

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