Halo Highlight: Alex Long

“Halo Highlight” is a series of interviews showcasing our unique and talented team members. This week, we sat down with Enterprise Sales Director Alex Long to learn more about his role, what makes him proud to work at Halo, and who would play him in a movie.  

Tell us what it’s like to be on the Sales Team.

I find customers and potential partners who are clinically and technically motivated to unify collaboration within their health system. I manage our customers and potential partners throughout their journey with Halo. In my role, I am privileged to work with the brightest leaders in healthcare to provide solutions to problems that impact patient care.

Have you always seen yourself working in this industry? 

Ever since high school, I was told that I’d be successful in sales. Healthcare sales is one of the best places to be if you’re really looking to make an impact. 

If you could pick anyone at the company, who would you want to switch roles with? 

It would be really beneficial for me to switch with someone on the Implementation Team. They quickly learn our customers’ clinical workflows and work alongside them throughout all of the product implementations. While I have the opportunity to guide our customers through the Halo journey, I don’t get to see the immediate impact that our products have on their clinical workflows. I’m not in the trenches with our customers. Every department has its own configurations and integration processes, and it’d be eye-opening to see that in real time. 

What makes you proud to work at Halo? 

I’m passionate about healthcare, technology, and all things Cincinnati. Halo combines all of that, and we have great people here.

What might your team members be surprised to learn about you? 

I join my kids for a dance party every Monday morning. It’s a fun way to start the week. All I ask is that we don’t incorporate morning dance parties at Halo.

At a company field day, what event would you most likely win? 

Corn hole, or “bean bag toss” for those not familiar with the west side of Cincinnati.

Who would play you in a movie? What genre would it be? 

It would have to be a “Dad” Comedy for sure, and Chris Pratt. He seems like a person who finds something positive in any situation.

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