KLAS Report on Clinical Communication Platforms Rates Halo Health as a Top Performer

The Halo Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform was rated as a top performer for supporting the greatest breadth of clinical communication workflows in the latest KLAS report on clinical communication platforms (KLAS report page 4).   

KLAS creates the report to help provider organizations understand and compare the capabilities between vendors.

KLAS Report on Clinical Communication Platforms – How it Works

Vendor partners identify healthcare organization customers. Then KLAS conducts in-depth interviews and on-site visits with three to five advanced users for each vendor. Additionally, an in-depth case study is conducted.

A case study analysis for Halo Health included a customer with more than 28,000 Halo users, sharing 5,000 mobile devices across 18 hospitals and 700 non-acute sites (KLAS report page 41).

Halo Health customers who participated in this report rely on the cloud-based Halo Platform’s robust functionality, reliability, and scalability to support a broad set of inpatient and non-inpatient communication workflows.

A key Halo Platform differentiator is its native scheduling functionality (KLAS report page 5), which enables its workflow management system to deliver time-sensitive, patient-centric information to the right person, role, or team in real time. This includes affiliated community clinicians as well.

The Halo Platform also integrates with existing scheduling applications (KLAS report page 5). This eliminates wasted time nurses spend tracking down physicians.

“In the past, it was difficult to figure out who was on call, but now it is very easy. Previously, the scheduling information was not always up to date, and sometimes it was in several places. With Halo, everything is right at the user’s fingertips.”

—Organization C, Advanced User Case Study Customer (KLAS report page 42)

Another Halo differentiator is the platform’s ability to scale and its professional services team’s ability to implement complex, enterprise-wide health systems.

Learn more about the Halo Platform differentiators and advantages of the Halo Platform over EHR mobile communication modules:

  • Advanced workflows, including on-call scheduling and role-based messaging, ensure the right information gets to the right person, role, or team.
  • Unification of multiple clinical communication channels and integration with the EHR and other clinical systems. These systems include nurse call, patient monitoring, PBX, etc. This enables real-time messaging of time-sensitive information, such as critical lab results, radiology reports and alerts.
  • Platform scalability and services expertise help standardize clinical communication across the healthcare community. This is regardless of mobile device used or EHR deployed.
  • AWS cloud-based hosting ensures 100% reliability and redundancy, even when the EHR is taken offline for regular maintenance and updates or unplanned downtime.

“We are excited to see our customers share their positive experiences in the KLAS report,” explains Jose Barreau, CEO of Halo Health. “This supports our belief that unified mobile communication and workflows improve an organization’s ability to accelerate patient care,” adds Barreau.

KLAS found that the interviewed organizations are seeing real outcomes, such as improved efficiency, security, and patient satisfaction (KLAS report page 4).

Examples of positive outcomes that Halo Health customers experience include:

  • Expedited COVID-19 team coordination and notifications
  • Instant delivery of time-sensitive information to increase clinician efficiency and accelerate patient care
  • Faster patient turnover by decreasing discharge times (KLAS report page 43)
  • Reduced noise in units (35% drop in overhead paging and direct calls) (KLAS report page 43)
  • Improved collaboration and patient care coordination across the clinician community
  • Elimination of pagers (KLAS report page 43) and other technology consolidation and cost savings

View the full KLAS Report on Clinical Communication Platforms

The Halo Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution. It includes secure, role-based messaging, on-call scheduling, VoIP calling, critical results, alerts, and team coordination tools. All unified in a mobile platform.

Its unique workflow management system delivers time-sensitive, patient-centric information to the right person, role, or team in real time.

Halo Health enables providers of all sizes and complexity to accelerate patient care, increase clinician efficiency, and improve financial outcomes.

We will be happy to discuss the Halo Health review in the KLAS report on clinical communication platforms.

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