Halo Health Releases Halo Link, Expanding Role-based Collaboration through the Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform

Ensuring seamless, secure communication and collaboration across health networks 

Cincinnati, OH – November 112020 – Halo Health’s latest release of the Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform (CCP), featuring Halo Link, empowers organizations to easily collaborate and communicate with clinicians in affiliated organizations and across health networks. The Halo CCP leverages role-based communication to ensure the right information gets to the right person at the right time. With Halo Link incorporated, this functionality can now be expanded outside your organization to connect all physicians and clinicians across the care continuum. 

Healthcare organizations are struggling with clinical collaboration, and care coordination is increasingly becoming an impediment to care delivery. Halo Health is focused on solving that problem. It’s tough enough to figure out who is on call in your own healthcare organization but add in other organizations like physician practices that cover your on-call teams, and the challenge grows exponentially.  With the launch of Halo Link, a component of the Halo Clinical Collaboration PlatformHalo not only routes your message to the right person at the right time within your organization, it also sends that vital information to affiliated clinicians outside your organization. 

Role-based communication is a game-changer in healthcare collaboration, enabling organizations to standardize roles across their enterprise and streamline communications. When the right message is received quickly and efficiently by the right person, care providers and organizations are better equipped to deliver the appropriate patient care. Understanding that patient care happens across care organizations, Halo Link leverages the roles established within the Halo CCP and makes them available to clinicians operating throughout that network.With this step, Halo ensures seamless care coordination regardless of where the clinician resides.   

“The problem we are solving with Halo Link is that many physicians provide patient care at ancillary facilities in the community. They can be on-call at one facility and on a code team or clinical team at another facility,” states Jose Barreau, MD and Halo Health Chief Executive OfferWith Halo Link, each clinician can use their clinical collaboration platform to communicate in their various roles at different facilities, easily accessing the important information for each of the roles, facilities, and patients. 

The Halo Health mission is to save lives by improving communication and collaboration in healthcare.  With this release, Halo addresses this mission by expanding communication and collaboration across affiliated care organizations, which streamlines care coordination and ensures continuity of care 


About Halo Health 

Halo Health is a healthcare technology company founded by physicians in 2010 that developed the Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform, the brain of clinical collaboration. The Halo CCP is a cloud-based mobile platform that accelerates time-sensitive clinical communication and workflow to improve patient care. It is a scalable platform for health systemsambulatory, and long-term post-acute care organizations with years of experience and proven outcomes for our customers. Halo actively supports customers with more than 35,000 users performing tens of millions of mobile actions annually. Halo Health is a strategic technical and clinical partner dedicated to helping customers standardize communication, consolidate technology, and connect the clinical community.

Visit www.halohealth.com to schedule a demo or call 855-362-4256. 



Lizzie Crockwell
Director of Product Strategy, Halo Health

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