Halo Announces Gatekeeper Message Screening

Halo Health is pleased to announce its Gatekeeper functionality for the Halo Clinical Communication Platform™. Halo is the only platform in the industry offering this level of advanced, HIPAA compliant communication screening.

Halo Gatekeeper protects from overcommunication and prevents interruption while delivering care by allowing authorized staff members to screen messages and alerts when the intended recipient is unavailable. Gatekeeper delivers these messages and alerts to both the original intended recipient and the screener, allowing each to have access to critical information during and after screening. This eliminates the chance for information gaps to occur during patient care.

“Users maintain access to critical information while away from their device and won’t be cut off from access to patients or interrupted while caring for a patient,” said Angel Mena, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Halo. “This is extremely helpful when clinicians cannot or should not be on mobile devices, but still need to be available to respond to messages if deemed necessary. For example, a circulating nurse can screen messages for a surgeon during a lengthy procedure. If an urgent situation arises, the screener can make the decision as to whether or not to interrupt the surgeon. There are a vast number of additional workflows that will benefit from Gatekeeper in both acute and ambulatory settings, for physicians and nurses alike.”

Gatekeeper is different from standard auto-forwarding functionality in that auto-forwarding does not give the original intended recipient visibility into messages that were forwarded. Without this functionality, the original intended recipients need to directly follow up with whoever received the auto-forwarded messages to understand what was communicated while away. This wastes time and could lead to delays of care.  Additionally, auto-forwarding does not allow recipients to “opt-in” to have messages forwarded to them, potentially creating a situation where information is forwarded to a recipient unavailable to act on the information.

Gatekeeper is available to all existing Halo customers as of July 25th, 2019. Please contact Halo’s Clinical Success Team for additional information.