Free Messaging for COVID-19

Halo Health Provides Free Messaging for COVID-19 and Expedited Deployment

Halo Health is providing free messaging for COVID-19 for up to six months to healthcare providers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This offer includes expedited deployment of the Halo Platform’s secure, role-based messaging and teams’ functionality.

In conjunction with health system customers and its Advisory Council, Halo Health has developed COVID-19 best practices for utilizing the Halo Platform.

The Halo Platform is a cloud-based, scalable tool to streamline and accelerate team coordination, communication and notifications.

Free Messaging for COVID-19 and Teams Functionality Customer Examples:

  • Teams/On-Call Coordination, Collaboration, Communication and Notification:
    • Drive-Through Testing – Alerting infectious disease doctors of needed tests
    • Anesthesia – For intubation
    • Virtual Care Teams – Patient virtual visit notifications
    • Clinical and critical team mobilization
    • Extending messaging to affiliated skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) for wound care patients
    • Incident Command
  • Daily message blasts with the current number of COVID-19 patients
  • Mobilizing staff to release recovered COVID-19 patients upon discharge
  • Instant notification of test results

Download our complete list of Halo Platform COVID-19 best practices and view our recorded webinar.

Healthcare providers interested in getting the Halo Platform’s Free Messaging for COVID-19 and teams functionality should contact

“The Halo Platform is having a positive impact in helping front-line clinicians,” explains Angel Mena, Chief Clinical Officer of Halo Health. “Our customers are finding new ways every day to best utilize the Halo Platform, and we are committed to doing whatever we can to enable them to coordinate and communicate more efficiently,” adds Mena.

FCC Telehealth Program

The FCC’s new Telehealth Program can potentially offset the cost of implementing telehealth technology for eligible entities.

Providers can apply for funding to implement a mobile clinical platform such as the Halo Platform. This will enable providers to manage patient care interactions, clinical care teams and clinical collaboration with less human-to-human contact.

This program ends September 30th. Please find guidance from the FCC here:

The Halo Platform

The Halo Platform is a scalable, AWS cloud-based solution that includes secure messaging, on-call, role-based scheduling, VoIP calling, critical results, alerts and care team tools in a unified mobile platform.

Its unique workflow management system instantly delivers time-sensitive information to the right person, role, or team. This workflow and communication efficiency results in improved clinical and financial outcomes.

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