Central Ohio Primary Care Partners with Halo Health

Central Ohio Primary Care Partners with Halo Health to Improve Critical Clinical Communication and Workflow Performance

Cincinnati, OH – April 1, 2020 – Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) partners with Halo Health to expand the Halo Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform (CCCP) enterprise-wide to include more than 400 healthcare providers and staff at 106 locations and facilities. Halo Health leverages AWS cloud technology to deploy its platform on personal and shared mobile phones and desktops across the network. Users include physicians, nurses and ancillary staff. Clinicians’ on-call schedules will be unified and managed in real time on the Halo Platform.

Central Ohio Primary Care Partners with Halo Health to accomplish key goals with the Halo Platform expansion:

  • Improve speed to mobilize critical teams in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Streamline and expedite critical communications and clinical workflows with native scheduling
  • Protect physicians’ time and provide greater call center efficiency
  • Leveraging existing technology and partnership to expand value

“Halo enables us to achieve our strategic objective of expanding our mobile communication platform with high reliability to expedite critical communications and workflows that will enhance patient care and improve clinicians’ efficiency,” said J. William Wulf, M.D., CEO, Central Ohio Primary Care.

Central Ohio Primary Care, located in Columbus, Ohio, is the largest independent primary care group in the US with more than 75 practices, serving the needs of more than 400,000 patients.

“We are thrilled to be working with Central Ohio Primary Care and helping them with their commitment to enhance patient care and employee satisfaction,” said Jose Barreau, M.D., Co-Founder and CEO of Halo. “The Halo Platform was developed to scale across large health communities to provide real-time access and accelerate clinical workflows and communication through mobile devices for more effective time-sensitive care,” adds Barreau.

About the Halo Platform

The Halo Platform is a scalable, AWS cloud-based solution that includes secure messaging, on-call, role-based scheduling, VoIP calling, critical results, alerts and care team tools in a unified mobile platform. It has a unique workflow management system instantly delivers time-sensitive information to the right person, role, or team. This workflow and communication efficiency results in improved clinical and financial outcomes.

The Halo Platform also serves as a scalable tool for coordination during epidemics like COVID-19 and to streamline team notifications. Learn more about our COVID-19 Best Practices.


About Halo Health

Halo Health was founded by physicians in 2010 to bridge serious gaps in critical clinical communication that cause delays in patient care. What started as a HIPAA-compliant texting application has evolved into the Halo Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform (CCCP) that uniquely supports the complex needs and scale of health systems. The Halo Platform combined with professional services enable health systems to accelerate patient care, increase clinician efficiency and improve financial outcomes. Halo is a long-term, strategic partner dedicated to achieving enterprise-wide objectives such as: standardization of communication and patient experience, technology consolidation and connecting the physician community.  The Halo Platform brings together IT and communications solutions with a focus on clinical benefits to the patient and the provider. Halo has offices in Cincinnati, OH, Columbus, OH and Chicago, IL.  Visit www.halohealth.com to schedule a product demo.


About Central Ohio Primary Care

Central Ohio Primary Care was founded in 1996 when a group of 33 physicians joined together to give greater focus to patient care than the administrative duties that were weighing them down.  From the onset, COPC physicians have always been dedicated to finding new ways to offer the best patient care.  Today we have more than 75 practices and serve more than 400,000 patients. However, what’s most notable isn’t our size, but that we have grown beyond the primary care office. We have a hospitalist team with physicians at hospitals across the region, we’re opening more SameDay Centers, and are expanding our ancillary services. We are leading the nation with a system that supports the entire care of each COPC patient. A model we believe is the best for primary care. Rooted in a long history of clinical excellence and a commitment to the highest ethical standards, we are building a model for primary care that creates a more holistic view of patient care and gives physicians more time to focus on building relationships with patients and each other. Visit www.copcp.com for more information.