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Halo Patient Coordinator ensures patient care teams are always up-to-date, making your care teams dynamic.


Patient care is dynamic. Why aren’t your care teams?

Halo Clinical Communication Platform

While the concept of patient-focused care teams has existed for decades, their composition has changed dramatically in recent years. Population health initiatives might have had the most impact by shifting the landscape of delivery of patient care from treating patients post-diagnoses, to proactively preventing health issues altogether. With this shift, no longer can care teams consist only of the clinicians and support staff within a single acute facility; they must now include affiliated specialists, the patient’s primary care physician, and even family members.

Communication technology for care teams has also changed. An overwhelming number of solutions exist in the marketplace for HIPAA compliant texting, mobilization of critical alerts and VoIP calls. And while these solutions allow certain members of the care team to communicate and collaborate, they don’t extend across the entire continuum of care. This limits the ability of the care team to operate with the most accurate and up to date critical information, leading to unnecessary and redundant tests and potentially delays to patient care.

These issues create two key challenges health systems face today:

Halo Clinical Communication Platform

Ensure patient care teams are always up-to-date and dynamic.

Typically, patient care teams are created when clinicians manually add themselves to a team, or when support staff manually add clinicians to a team. While this allows flexibility with care team assignments, it also relies entirely on busy, fatigued and overburdened professionals to update their status on care teams.

Through Halo’s Schedules solution, Halo Patient Coordinator automates care team assignments while also allowing for manual status updates to accommodate variations in schedules.

Focus care team communication around a single patient.

HIPAA compliant texting allows communication between clinicians, and relies on users to remember which message thread is tied to a specific patient. Critical contextual information may be missing in these threads, which could cause delays to patient care. Halo Patient Coordinator eliminates this ambiguity by attaching basic patient information directly to each message thread. Halo Patient Coordinator also allows team members to quickly view who else is on the team, their status, and quickly start a team message.

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Streamline patient handoffs.

A variety of digital handoff tools exist today, but none automatically update the members of a patient’s care team while also providing critical collaboration tools (HIPAA compliant texting, voice calls and mobilized alerts ) on one platform. Users cannot only quickly view the patients under their care directly within Halo Patient Coordinator, they can also initiate a handoff to another clinician or scheduled service, or make the patient available for selective handoff.

Allow one-way updates for patient family members.

A medical emergency can be as traumatic for patient family members as it is for the actual patient. Halo Patient Coordinator allows one-way communication from the patient’s clinical team to select family members, helping to ease anxiety as the family is updated throughout an episode of care.

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Integrate with your systems.

Interoperability is key in today’s healthcare information technology environment. Halo Patient Coordinator integrates with the following clinical applications to ensure critical information reaches those who need it:

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With Halo, we can find the right care team member immediately. This changes everything.

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