Patient Collaboration

Halo Health provides clinicians with secure messaging solutions to improve patient collaboration and streamline patient care communication.

Patient Coordinator

Patient Coordinator provides the care team with visibility and focus on an individual patient by attaching patient health information directly to a message thread.

This enables clinical staff to collaborate with accurate patient context and reduces the potential of medical errors and delays of care.

Users can quickly search for an active patient by name, MRN, date of birth or room number to link the patient’s record directly to a message. This is accomplished through an HL7 integration with an EHR ADT feed.

Patient Centric Messages via EHR Integration

Patient health information that will display on the attached patient record includes:
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • MRN
  • Last updated Date/Time
  • Location
  • Patient Class
  • Diagnoses
  • Allergies

Accelerate Patient Care

Patients that are added to messages are automatically added to a patient list for easy review and continued collaboration. Patient care follow-up actions can be created within the patient list.

Care team members juggle multiple patients during each shift, and Patient Coordinator ensures that everyone involved understands the patient in context. Team members can quickly view who else is on the team, view their status, and start a team message.

Patient Coordinator improves collaboration and streamlines communication across the care team, which results in accelerated patient care.

Patient Halo

Patient Halo enables clinicians to stay engaged with patients after they have been discharged via a secure messaging application.

Whether it is checking up on patients, coordinating follow-up appointments with other clinicians or answering a patient’s questions, clinicians can quickly and easily exchange HIPAA compliant messages with patients using Patient Halo.

Follow-up communication with patients and care providers can help to increase patient satisfaction and reduce readmission rates.

Key Features of Patient Halo:

  • Halo customer administrators have full control over a patient’s contact list and will add/remove contacts for the patient.
  • Patients cannot see a provider’s number or call back number when exchanging messages.

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