On-Call Scheduling

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform has native on-call scheduling functionality that manages schedules and on-call status changes in real-time and automates role-based communication.

Supports Complex Schedules, Yet Intuitive and Flexible

The flexible and robust solution supports the most complex scheduling needs of health systems, hospitals with residency programs and level 1 trauma units.

Halo enables a master schedule and then additional schedules, such as new consults or new admissions, can be nested within the master schedule. Teams can be added to a schedule. This ensures continuous coverage across your enterprise.

It’s intuitive design ensures high user adoption and increased efficiencies by eliminating outdated scheduling software and processes.

Halo’s on-call scheduling solution is built with open architecture and can easily integrate with existing scheduling applications, such as QGenda and Amion.


Additional capabilities of Halo’s on-call scheduling offering:

  • View personal schedules and subscribe to sync with Google or Outlook calendars
  • View organization schedules based upon security permission
  • Display read-only schedules at non-system locations or on display only monitors
  • Swap schedules in real-time based upon security permission
  • Utilize templates to help speed the creation of new schedules

Key Benefits of Halo On-call Scheduling:

  • Eliminates ineffective/redundant scheduling software and processes
  • Reduces wasted time nurses spend searching for on-call physicians
  • Reduces physician interruptions
  • Automates role-based messaging for instant communication to the right person, role or team
  • Speeds team mobilization and coordination
  • Ensures high user adoption
  • Provides cost-efficiency with on-call scheduling, communication and team coordination on a single, mobile platform

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