Nurse Mobility

Messaging, Alerts/EHR Integrations and VoIP Calling
on One Device

Nurse Mobility enables your staff to have a single, mobile solution for all communication channels (secure messaging, alerts and voice) through standard integrations to help reduce alert fatigue and focus on delivering the best care to patients.


Convenience of VoIP Calling from Your Mobile Phone

We know your nursing staff is always on the go and our mobile solution can integrate with your current VoIP technology on shared devices to streamline Wi-Fi calling for all voice communication. The Halo Platform replicates the layout and flow of the existing phone system to ensure user adoption with the efficiency of one mobile device for calls and messages.

Centralized Mobile Alerts Reduce Nurse Fatigue

Additionally, through robust integrations (TAP, WCTP, SIP) with nurse call systems and physiological monitors, the Halo Platform centralizes critical alerts to reduce nurse fatigue.

Other alert capabilities include:

  • Alert Acknowledgement – The organization can configure alert acknowledgments such as accept or decline that route back to the sending system
  • Customize Sounds – Create unique alert sounds to differentiate between alerts and messages

The Halo Platform makes it possible to eliminate on-premise hardware and the need to carry multiple devices.


Nurse Mobility Integrations

VoIP Calling

Organizations can utilize their existing VoIP network to make internal and, depending on the hospital system, external calls via the Halo platform.

Nurse Call

Patient calls are routed to the right nurse role based on the specific care needs of the patient i.e., pain intervention vs. bathroom assistance. This keeps nurses focused on their patients, decreases alert fatigue and increases patient satisfaction.

Physiological Monitors

Nurses triage and respond to alerts quickly by receiving audible notifications on their mobile device that come directly from the patient’s physiological monitor. Nurses can call the appropriate provider on their mobile device with VoIP integration to discuss urgent changes in the patient.

Patient Coordinator

By attaching the patient health information and demographics from the EHR to a message thread, the care team has accurate patient context and can collaborate and respond immediately.

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