Wouldn't It Be Great If . . .


  • Our physicians had instant access to real-time secure clinical communications?
  • Our nurses didn’t need separate devices to contact our physicians during critical moments?
  • Our IT department didn’t have to manage multiple communication vendors across various departments?
  • Our clinicians could communicate with each other using the same platform?

We thought the same thing. That’s why we created Halo.

All Communication Channels. All Roles. Any Device. Key Integrations.
One Platform.

Created and designed by clinicians, for clinicians.
Integrated clinical workflows make Halo simple and intuitive to use.
Do your employees text today? Then they can Halo today.

Is your system a Most Wired Campus?
Elevating EHR adoption to HiMSS Level 7?

Your leadership team gets it – clinical technology drives better patient outcomes. The Halo platform helps your system reach its quality goals by improving clinical communication and collaboration across all roles in your entire organization, regardless of department.

Burned by “implement-and-forget” vendors in the past?
Halo’ Customer Care team forms a deep and ongoing relationship with your organization’s IT and clinical groups to ensure your success metrics are met.

This isn’t a clinical trial. You don’t need to be some startup’s guinea pig.
We’ve deployed at over 200 organizations, and according to the most recent KLAS report, 100% of our customers would buy Halo again.

Planning a smartphone initiative?
Halo can supply smartphones, implementation services and after-sales support through the Halo Mobile Control™ program.