See Healthcare’s Leading Secure Messaging System

The Halo Platform streamlines time-sensitive communication workflows for healthcare providers and staff at physician groups, ambulatory practices, long-term care organizations, hospitals, and health systems.

Secure Messaging Solution:

Secure texting app enables HIPAA-compliant secure text messaging that can also include voice, on-call schedules, and integrations with information sources such as the EHR

Clinical Workflows:

Streamlines time-sensitive clinical workflows including requesting specialty consults and referrals, alerting physicians of patient encounters, and coordinating COVID-19 care

Collaborative Community:

Connects clinicians across your healthcare community – affiliated hospital staff, physician practices, ambulatory centers, and long-term care

Mobile App:

Deployable on any mobile smart device – iOS or Android – as well as the desktop

Role-based Communication:

Uses unique role-based communication and embedded schedules to reduce the time it takes to find the right clinician to contact

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Halo's Impact

Why Halo?

The Halo Platform Delivers:


Cost-Effective and Intuitive Comprehensive Solution

Role-based collaboration on a unified cost-effective platform, combining scheduling, teams, and communication.


Streamlined Workflow and Communication

Cloud-based platform accelerates care and reduces clinician fatigue and interruptions.

Expanded Network

Expands referral network with community platform enabling shared communications and schedules between health systems and affiliated organizations.