The Perfect Fit for Your Organization

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that supports the communication, workflow and scheduling needs of multiple organization types of all sizes, scale and complexity.


Ambulatory Care

Secure Messaging, on-call scheduling and many other features on a unified cloud-hosted platform reduces costs. The Halo Platform is easy to use and maintain.


Acute Care

Role-based communication speeds care team coordination and increases clinician efficiency. The Halo Platform scales to any size health system or hospital.  


Long Term Care

Patient-centric information instantly messaged to care teams streamlines clinical workflows. The Halo Platform operates on shared or personal mobile devices and workstations.

Accelerate Patient Care with Improved Clinical Collaboration

Cost effectiveness is a result of Halo’s comprehensive, cloud-based platform that unifies messaging, on-call scheduling and care team coordination. With Halo, customers can replace outdated technology and expensive, inefficient on-premise servers and hardware.

Role-and team-based communication automates the instant delivery of time-sensitive information and speeds the mobilization of care teams. This streamlines clinical communication and workflows to accelerate patient care, increase efficiencies and reduce fatigue.

Cloud hosting, intuitive design and platform architecture ensure scalability, reliability, security and adoption for facilities of any size, complexity, and growth plan.

Linking with other organizations’ Halo users and non-users improves patient collaboration across the clinician community.

Halo's Impact


We have had a terrific experience with Halo and we really see them as a partner. I don’t use the word ‘partner’ lightly - as you can imagine, we have hundreds and thousands of vendors that we work with and only a handful are truly partners. We weren’t just a customer to them and they are really trying to understand our business and offer a better product.

-Lee Milligan, MD, CIO, Asante

Halo enables us to achieve our strategic objective of expanding our mobile communication platform with high reliability to expedite critical communications and workflows that will enhance patient care and improve clinicians’ efficiency

- J. William Wulf, MD, CEO, Central Ohio Primary Care.

It used to take three phone calls and 10-12 minutes to get someone from the ER into a hospital bed. With Halo it takes ZERO phone calls and 2 minutes. Over the course of the day, the time savings is huge!

-Donna Nolte, MSN, CCRN, Director of Nursing & Support Services, Infirmary Health



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