Healthcare IT

We’ve got IT covered. Deploying Halo Health ensures reduced IT budgets, security compliance, and meets the communication needs of physicians, nurses, and staff within your organization.

Halo Health delivers an IT approved solution with the cloud-based (SaaS) Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform that is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Halo Platform requires little IT support by enabling the consolidation of technology and reduction in costs. 

Scalable, Reliable, and Secure

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform is scalable and flexible, supporting small ambulatory organizations to health systems with over 20,000 users. Our clinical team is experienced in complex multi-hospital and academic health systems.

Halo offers reliability and security by leveraging the Amazon Web Services enterprise platform, ISO 27000 series, and SSAE 16. The platform has strict security features to protect PHI, including encryption at all levels, SOC II, and HITRUST certifications.

The platform can easily be deployed in phases over time, adapting to the health system needs and requirements.


Unify and Standardize Communications

The Halo Platform eliminates outdated technology such as pagers, on-premise servers, and inefficient on-call scheduling processes.

Halo unifies multiple communication channels (secure messaging, voice, alerts) on a single mobile device. Halo supports both shared devices and BYOD for both Android and Apple iOS, and a web-based application.

Time-sensitive communication and workflows can be standardized across the entire health system and can be shared with affiliated organizations to improve collaboration and patient care.

Halo is agnostic and has open integrations with:




Active Directory (LDAP and SAML)



Halo also supports TAP, WTCP, and SIP natively.

Unify communication, reduce costs and easily scale to support growth.

  • Enable low cost/low resource maintenance with AWS cloud-hosted platform
  • Ensure a secure, reliable, and redundant environment
  • Replace/eliminate outdated pagers and inefficient on-call scheduling software/processes
  • Integrate with existing VoIP technology for voice calls via the Halo Platform
  • Utilize for support staff communication efficiency – not just for clinicians
  • Achieve high adoption with virtual implementation and training
  • Unify and standardize communication across the organization

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