Healthcare administrators are continually challenged with increasing clinical staff efficiency, improving patient care, reducing costs, and standardizing processes after acquisitions and growth.

COVID-19 has added a new level of complexity and revenue insecurity to the mix.

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform streamlines clinical communication enabling collaborative care delivery. 

Cost-effective, Comprehensive Solution

Now more than ever administrators need solutions that can help them meet multiple challenges at a lower cost and more efficiently.

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution that will standardize and streamline time-sensitive communication and workflows across the organization.


Unify and Standardize Communications

The cloud-based Halo Platform unifies secure messaging, on-call scheduling (role base communication), voice (VoIP), and alerts in a single mobile device.

Halo Health partners with customers to ensure their strategic objectives are met with the deployment of the Halo Platform. This involves working in a team-centric implementation approach with administrators, clinicians, and IT staff.

Standardize Communication, Reduce Costs, and Increase Revenue

  • Reduce costs by consolidating technology in a cloud-based mobile platform
  • Increase clinical and operational communication efficiencies
  • Reduce readmissions with improved collaboration between affiliated community clinicians
  • Support growth with unlimited scalability and a trusted mobile clinical ecosystem partner

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