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$4M: Annual financial loss due to communication inefficiencies for the average US hospital.

The primary drivers of these inefficiencies? The need for clinicians to carry multiple devices, an aging telephony infrastructure, and a fragmented approach to executing a hospital's clinical communication strategy. Halo solves these challenges by providing enterprise-wide voice communication capabilities on the same device used for HIPAA compliant texting and on-call schedules.


Halo Voice provides secure clinical communication by utilizing the cloud to enable VoIP features inside and outside the hospital system, regardless of a user's location.

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Flexible Implementation

Adapts to your system’s existing VoIP enabled telephony infrastructure, decreasing implementation costs, time and complexity. This also simplifies on-boarding additional users within existing and new hospital system locations and reduces the need for ongoing technology refreshes.


Provides instant access to voice communication on the same device used for HIPAA compliant texting, schedules and integrations to reduce device-overload and increase platform adoption.

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