Real time on-call schedule management for health systems

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40%: Total communication time in a recent nurse survey described as "problematic time."

How many employee scheduling methods does your system use today? How accurate are these methods? Can you ensure your team's HIPAA compliant texts, alerts and calls get to the right recipients at the right time, every time? Halo solves these challenges by providing an on-call schedule software that enables role based communication.

One On-Call Scheduling System

Acts as the source of truth for your entire system's on-call schedule. A robust schedule management tool and integration with existing schedule management systems helps you eliminate schedule redundancy and inaccuracy.

Role-Based Communication

Give users the confidence to know that their secure text, call or alert gets to the recipient on-call right now who is available to assist.

Flexible User Interface

Allows users to manually adjust on-call status on the fly, providing flexibility in critical situations.

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