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Interoperability is no longer a “nice to have” for health systems when selecting technology vendors. When critical patient information resides in isolated silos, patients are at risk of delays of care. As the unifying communication layer for your health system, the Halo Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform™ integrates with a wide variety of clinical applications to ensure clinicians have real time access to this critical information. See below for a few examples of who Halo partners with today.

150+ alarms are generated per patient per day at a typical critical-care unit.

That’s one alarm per patient every 4 - 10 minutes. Even more shocking is that 70-99% of clinical alarms are false and require no action. Interruption fatigue can lead to lower levels of staff satisfaction, increased staff turnover, and lower HCAHPS scores, or in a worst-case scenario, patient harm. Halo solves that challenge by integrating and mobilizing only the most critical applications, like alerts, helping to decrease interruption fatigue.

Alarm Communication Management (ACM) Integration

Halo partners with your system’s alarms committee to mobilize only the right alarms via ACM integration. By reducing the quantity of mobilized alerts, your system will see a reduction in alert desensitization and an increase in patient and staff satisfaction.

On-Call Schedule Integration

Engages with Halo Schedules to mobilize the right alerts to the proper role or team, increasing response time to critical situations.


Advanced integrations with ACM systems provide instant access to mobilized alerts on the same device used for secure messaging, on-call schedules and even voice communication to reduce device-overload and interruption fatigue.

Which device is right for your health system? Read Smart Devices in a 24/7/365 Work Environment and find out!

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