The Clinical Collaboration Platform

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform (CCP) is cost-effective and cloud-based, unifies all communication channels (secure messaging, video, voice, alerts), and enables role-based collaboration which ensures the right message gets to the right person, role or team at the right time - instantly.


Accelerate Patient Care with Improved Clinical Collaboration

Clinical collaboration involves communicating information quickly, accurately and with the right person or team involved in the care of the patient.  

Powerful role- and team-based messaging streamlines clinical communication and workflows to accelerate patient care.


Halo Link

Expanding Role-based Collaboration through the Halo CCP

Halo Health’s latest release of the Halo CCP includes Halo Link and empowers organizations to easily collaborate and communicate with clinicians in affiliated organizations and across health networks. 

Halo Link... 

  • Ensures seamless, secure communication and collaboration across health networks.  
  • Solves the problem of providers working at ancillary facilities across the health network.  
  • Allows each provider to leverage their Halo clinical collaboration platform to communicate in their various roles at different facilities. 

“The problem we're solving with Halo Link is that physicians and clinicians often work at different facilities, meaning they are on-call at one facility and on a code team or clinical team at another facility. With Halo Link, each clinician can use one clinical collaboration platform to communicate in their various roles at different facilities, easily accessing the important information for each of the roles, facilities, and patients. As a physician, I understand how valuable this expanded access is to delivering patient care.”   

- Jose Barreau, CEO, Halo Health

Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform Features


Role-Based Messaging

Comprehensive secure messaging ensures HIPAA compliance and has many powerful features such as role and team-based messaging.


On-Call Scheduling

Native on-call scheduling manages complex schedules and on-call status changes in real-time and automates role and team-based communication.


Critical Results and Alerts

Clinicians receive critical information on their mobile devices through integrations with the EHR/EMR, patient monitoring, and nurse call systems. This includes radiology and lab reports, and only the most important alerts.


VoIP Calling

Organizations can utilize their existing VoIP network to make internal and, depending on the hospital system, external calls via the Halo platform.

AWS Cloud Hosted

Hosting services combined with platform architecture ensures high scalability with the security, reliability and cost-effectiveness that healthcare providers require.

Device Compatibility

Available on personal or shared mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems, and desktop workstations.


Standard reporting allows organizations to measure user adoption and utilization.

The Halo Platform Difference

How is Halo Cost-Effective?

  • Communication, scheduling and team coordination are all unified on a comprehensive, cloud-based mobile platform.
  • This technology consolidation eliminates the need for multiple costly applications and support agreements.
  • Mobile devices replace outdated pagers, phones and their maintenance.
  • AWS cloud hosting ensures lower cost and better reliability and security than on-premise servers.
  • Cloud hosting combined with platform architecture provide scalability to support any size organization and its growth plans, without having to add hardware, software or IT staff.

How can Halo Streamline Workflows and Communication?

  • Reduces the time and eliminates many of the steps it takes for clinicians and support staff to communicate, coordinate and collaborate on the delivery of patient care.
  • Role and team-based messaging ensures time-sensitive information gets delivered to the right person, role or team – instantly.
  • Reduces the wasted time nurses spend searching for the physician on call as well as interrupting physicians.
  • Reduces clinician alarm and information fatigue.
  • Workflows are continually optimized as organizations find new uses for Halo.

View the latest KLAS report, which rated Halo as a top performer for supporting the greatest breadth of clinical communication workflows.

How does Halo Expand Your Care Network?

  • Halo users can message with other Halo users outside of their facility or non-Halo users with an NPI number.
  • An organization can link its Halo instance to an affiliated organization using Halo in order for any user to look up and message another user. In the future, organizations will be able to share on-call schedules and teams for improved role-based communication.
  • These capabilities improve care team collaboration across the clinical community, reduce readmissions and can help increase referrals.

How does Halo Ensure User Adoption?

  • Halo Health was founded by physicians who developed a clinically focused, intuitive platform design.
  • This has resulted in fast user adoption and customer retention.
  • Since 2012, the platform has been continuously enhanced using customer and clinical advisory board feedback to improve communication features and workflows.

Learn about the unique benefits the Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform has for each type of role and healthcare organization.

Halo's Impact


We have had a terrific experience with Halo and we really see them as a partner. I don’t use the word ‘partner’ lightly - as you can imagine, we have hundreds and thousands of vendors that we work with and only a handful are truly partners. We weren’t just a customer to them and they are really trying to understand our business and offer a better product.

-Lee Milligan, MD, CIO, Asante

Halo enables us to achieve our strategic objective of expanding our mobile communication platform with high reliability to expedite critical communications and workflows that will enhance patient care and improve clinicians’ efficiency.

- J. William Wulf, MD, CEO, Central Ohio Primary Care

It used to take three phone calls and 10-12 minutes to get someone from the ER into a hospital bed. With Halo it takes ZERO phone calls and 2 minutes. Over the course of the day, the time savings is huge!

-Donna Nolte, MSN, CCRN, Director of Nursing & Support Services, Infirmary Health


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