When HIPAA Compliance Is Not Good Enough

Halo’s first-of-its-kind secure messaging Adoption Study revealed a game-changing insight: HIPAA compliance is not a good enough incentive for doctors to adopt a new technology platform.

What is? The promise of workflow efficiency.

The study showed a huge difference in adoption rates between the organizations that marketed the mobile communication platform internally simply as a HIPAA initiative and those that rolled it out to employees as a way to coordinate communication. When HIPAA compliance was the end goal, employee adoption of the platform hovered around 70 percent. When the organization was promised a new, more efficient way to communicate, adoption rates soared to 95 percent.

The results were not particularly surprising to us. HIPAA compliance is important, but it’s not what gets doctors and nurses excited about a new technology. You’ll see enthusiasm when you promise to improve workflow efficiency and help them get in touch with each other faster and more easily. When HIPAA compliance is at the heart of an implementation, we can feel it—the buzz just isn’t there on launch day.

Secure messaging is an essential starting point. Doctors and nurses are texting at work just as they are in their personal lives, and hospital IT departments must take steps to secure those healthcare messages. But a lot of other features are needed if you want to improve the communication workflow—integration with call centers, phone directories and EHRs, just to name a few. And our study proves that workflow improvement is a priority for healthcare providers.

Here’s the key paradigm: Doctors and nurses aren’t invested in adopting a secure messaging system unless it’s a robust clinical communication platform that promises workflow efficiency. And if your hospital system is seeing 70 percent adoption rates, that means your doctors and nurses are still using their old texting methods for some of their communications. In the end, how HIPAA compliant is that?


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