The Secure Messaging Arc of Adoption

The results of Doc Halo’s first-of-its-kind secure messaging Adoption Study revealed a surprisingly simple insight: A secure messaging platform doesn’t work unless everybody is on it.

CIOs and hospital administrators are typically focused on HIPAA compliance when selecting and implementing secure messaging platforms and, as such, they may try to cut costs by rolling it out to doctors alone. However, as our Adoption Study demonstrates, full HIPAA compliance doesn’t happen unless doctors are using the platform—and that doesn’t happen unless they can reach everyone involved in a patient’s care.

By the Numbers

Adoption rates break down along this arc: 

  • 60%—if physicians alone are given the platform
  • 89%—when the physicians’ ambulatory nurses are added
  • 96%—with the inclusion of after-hours call centers
  • 99%—when the hospital operator is on the platform
  • 99%—incremental benefit with the addition of paging function
  • 99%—incremental benefit by including integration with EHRs and medical devices

What Does It Mean?

Mobile health platforms such as Doc Halo are designed to be the hub of communication. Their strength is in coordinating care across the highly traveled channels of communication, not just the occasional ones between physicians. 

And, by placing a clinical communication platform at the center of all communication, CIOs can control it—they can coordinate it, they can run reports to make use of communication data, and most importantly they can lock it down for true HIPAA security.

Our advice when costs are an issue is to go deep, not broad. Start with a smaller part of the organization, but implement the technology fully including not just the doctors but also their nurses and staff, their after-hours call centers, and the hospital operator. Begin with a region rather than the full hospital system, if necessary, but deeply penetrate it by putting everybody in the workflow on the platform. Only then will you truly achieve secure communication and coordinated care. 

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