Secure Messaging During COVID-19: Best Practices

As a public service, Halo Health had developed COVID-19 best practices used by physicians, nurses and administrators currently responding to the pandemic.
Additionally, Halo Health will provide a clinical communication workflow and technology assessment at no cost. This assessment will include recommendations and the financial impact that can be achieved.
The Halo Platform is a highly secure, reliable, mission-critical mobile communication platform for healthcare providers.
It is a scalable tool for coordination of care and to streamline team communication during pandemics like COVID-19, including secure notifications between government offices and health leaders.

Halo Health’s Commitment to Secure Messaging for COVID-19 Response Includes:

  • Urgent deployment of the Halo Platform
  • COVID-19 Best Practices Guide for utilizing the Halo Platform’s secure messaging for Teams
  • Webinar on the Halo Platform demo and best practices for COVID-19
  • Support from the Halo Health Emergency Response Team

Health Systems Across the Country are Leveraging Halo Health to Respond to COVID-19 

Atrium Health in Charlotte, N.C. is using Halo to send notices to their infectious disease doctors for needed tests while doing drive-through testing in their parking lot area.
Henry Ford Health System is another customer in Detroit, MI that is utilizing Halo to send frequent message blasts about the status of COVID-19 cases, which have reached nearly 80 as of now.
secure messaging for COVID-19

COVID-19 Best Practices Guide and Webinar

Download the Halo Platform Best Practices Guide for COVID-19 and View our Webinar Recording

Contact Halo Health

Please call our Support Team at 855-362-HALO (855.362.4256) or email if you currently do not have the Halo Platform’s Clinical Teams functionality, or need help setting up COVID-19 teams.



Helpful COVID-19 Information from Government Resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Section dedicated to the COVID-19
World Health Organization – Section dedicated to the COVID-19
John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
Please stay healthy and safe and contact Halo Health if you need secure mobile messaging and communication assistance.
Please forward this post to healthcare providers that could benefit from this information.

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