HIMSS Sneak Preview: Taking the Road Less Traveled: Buyer Journey vs. Customer Journey

Eliminating gaps in healthcare communication reduces hospital readmissions, prioritizes patient safety, and improves quality of care. With the rise of clinical communication platforms (CCP), health systems seek alternatives that align with their existing clinical workflows in order to solve healthcare’s pending issues. However, when purchasing these disruptive technologies, it is imperative to engage with partners that not only understand healthcare technology, but also ones that can guide you throughout the process.
Gone are the days of transactional, one-and-done decisions; today’s landscape of healthcare technology demands decisions that are transformative, consultative, and inclusive. While this partnership may require a longer timeframe, there is less risk of poorly adopted applications and communication issues. Forming a partnership at the beginning of the journey ultimately leads to better patient outcomes and an increase in clinician satisfaction.
“Everyone has made a major purchase decision for their organizations only to have that critical piece of technology end up in the IT graveyard. It’s really more about forming a partnership with your vendors and making sure you go on a journey with someone who collaborates with you,” says Sr. Director of Commercial Operations Elizabeth Ramsey, PhD ABD.
Join Liz as she provides more insight into the transformative decisions that uncover the various challenges health systems are trying to improve. From initial assessment to post-live support, combining customer and partner knowledge will maximize the success of a project.
To learn more about the buyer journey vs. customer journey, check out our most recent whitepaper

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