HIMSS Sneak Preview: Strategy of an Enterprise Mobility Implementation

Inefficient phone calls, paper-based records, and countless alarms often lead to gaps in communication and poor coordination of care. By consolidating secure messaging, on-call scheduling, VoIP, and mobilization of critical alerts, healthcare organizations ultimately achieve faster collaborations among their care providers. At Halo, we prevent clinicians from alert fatigue and burnout and protect patients from delays in care through our enterprise-wide platform.
Implementing a full platform is no easy feat, as it requires both technical expertise and deep understandings of clinical workflows. IT professionals are no longer the sole advocates for incorporating new technologies in the industry, as providers and caregivers recognize the need for faster collaboration to improve patient care. Organizations seek this technological infrastructure to improve their communication channels but may be unaware of key strategies needed for successful integrations. From aligning clinical and technical engagement to managing changes in workflows, the entire process affects everyone involved in patient care.
Join Allison Morin MSN, RN–BC and Halo’s Director of Nursing Informatics and Implementation, as she shares three key strategies that lead to successful implementations of a full enterprise-wide platform. With her clinical background, her perspective will reveal the many aspects that clinicians and IT professionals alike need to bear in mind as they prepare for integrating new technologies in healthcare organizations.
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