Halo Health™ Announces Halo Patient Coordinator

New solution for patient care teams ensures real-time updates for team-based communication and collaboration, improving health outcomes
Halo announced today the launch of its industry-defining Halo Patient Coordinator product, giving doctors and nurses the ability to focus mobile and collaborative care around each individual patient.
A product offering available within Halo’s Clinical Communication Platform™, Halo Patient Coordinator allows patient care teams to be created, managed and adjusted automatically through Halo’s native scheduling product and integration with a health system’s existing clinical applications. Care teams can also be updated manually, giving clinicians flexibility to adjust teams in real-time settings.
“As an oncologist, I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects that inefficient technologies can have on even the best and brightest staff – including the inability to focus conversations with patient teams,” added Jose Barreau, MD, oncologist and CEO & co-founder of Halo. “Halo Patient Coordinator solves this problem, allowing for dramatic improvement in collaboration and communication with specific team members.”
Key features of the product include:

  • Patient-focused messaging – With one tap, clinicians can pull up patient-specific critical information right on a mobile device. Using the secure messaging capabilities on Halo’s platform, each message can thread down to a single patient, eliminating ambiguity and miscommunications.
  • Simple handoffs – With Halo Patient Coordinator, handoffs can be initiated automatically, and the patient’s care team members are adjusted instantly as shifts rotate.
  • One-way updates – Patient’s family members can receive one-way messages from members of the care team, providing instant updates throughout their loved one’s care.
  • Case-by-case syncing with EMR– Notably, messages through Halo Patient Coordinator can be optionally synced back to the patient’s EMR for documentation purposes.

“Our full platform provides clinicians with all of their mobile collaboration needs – whether it’s sending and receiving HIPAA-compliant text messages, mobilizing critical alerts, calling colleagues over VoIP, or adjusting and responding to real-time scheduling needs,” added Barreau.” With the addition of Halo Patient Coordinator, clinicians will now be spending less time navigating a flood of irrelevant messages and more time interacting with their individual teams.”
Halo’s cloud-based and fully mobile platform offers a unique solution for hospitals and health systems focused on implementing mission-critical applications. Learn more and request a demo of Halo today. 

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