Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Best Practices

Halo Health Powers Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing

We have worked with our customers and Clinical Advisory Council to develop best practices for using the Halo Platform for drive-through COVID-19 testing and team coordination.  Thanks to their input we have created this step-by-step guide to help your care team increase efficiency and patient outcomes while administering drive-through COVID-19 testing.
At a large hospital system dealing with an influx of COVID-19 cases, treating patients requires efficient communication while minimizing opportunities for disease transfer.
Innovative and effective COVID-19 treatment begins at the hospital’s drive-through testing site. Here a team working outside tests patients from the safety of their own car, minimizing points of contact. The testing team stays connected to their colleagues in real-time with Halo secure messaging.

Below is a best practice workflow example: 

  1. Patients who test positive but have mild symptoms recover at home, keeping hospital resources available for those with more severe cases. They don’t recover alone, because a new “virtual hospital” team helps monitor at-home recovery. Virtual hospital staff communicates amongst themselves and their onsite peers using Halo and its role-based messaging tools. Active Virtual Hospital Nurses, Virtual Hospital Physicians, and Virtual Hospital Pharmacists are represented as roles in Halo. They can be contacted instantly to reach current active staff.
  2. Patients with more severe cases move to a triage room, where a Virtual Triage Team initiates care without needing to be in the room with the patient. Emergency department staff contact the Virtual Triage Team to communicate readiness to see patients, and their messages automatically and instantly route to current active triage staff even as coverage changes, without the need to spend time figuring out who’s on the team.
  3. If a patient needs to be admitted, the Emergency Department and Admissions Team staff coordinate with a new on-call hospitalist role, the COVID Team QB, who advises on the admission unit. Again, the COVID Team QB can be contacted at the tap of a button on their mobile phone, and as coverage of the role changes, the recipient of messages to the role instantly updates. The Patient Placement Team, also working offsite during the crisis, coordinates the admission through the charge nurse in the admitting unit.
  4. After admission, additional COVID-specific roles created by the health system facilitate the delivery of critical care, and those roles are built into Halo for instant communication. For example, the COVID Anesthesia Team can be instantly contacted for patients who require intubation.
  5. After patients recover, they may continue to receive monitoring from virtual hospital staff, who can easily contact and be contacted by colleagues via Halo.

Halo Health is committed to helping COVID-19 responders

The COVID-19 crisis demands innovative approaches to care, such as creating drive-through COVID-19 testing areas. Hospitals are creating new roles, accelerating avenues of care, and moving both patients and staff offsite where feasible.
To help our customers respond, Halo Health is expediting deployments and providing best practices tools to help customers improve their response to COVID-19.
The roles discussed above and summarized in the table below took just a few minutes to create in Halo. This enables the staff who cover the roles to move offsite, yet stay connected:

Drive-Through COVID TestingYes (Outside Hospital)
COVID Virtual TriageYes
COVID Virtual Hospital (Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacist)Yes
COVID QB Hospitalist On-CallNo
Admissions TeamYes
Patient Placement TeamYes
COVID Anesthesia TeamNo

Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Diagram


COVID-19 Best Practices Guide and Webinar Resources and Free Workflow and Technology Assessment

We invite you to download our Best Practices Guide for additional insights on how your organization can manage remote care teams.
Additionally, we invite you to take advantage of a special offer. Halo Health will conduct a clinical communication workflow and technology assessment at no charge. This assessment includes recommendations and the financial impact that can be achieved.
Please call the Halo Health Support Team at 855-362-HALO (855.362.4256) or email if you currently do not have the Halo Platform’s Clinical Teams functionality, need help setting up COVID-19 teams, or are interested in our assessment offer.

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