Clinical Communication Platform for Nurse Efficiency


Ali Morin, Halo HealthAllison “Ali” Morin, MSN, RN-BC, is Halo Health’s Vice President of Nursing Informatics and makes it her mission to ensure the Halo Clinical Communication and Collaboration Platform gets developed for nurse efficiency. For much of her career Ali was a pediatric critical care nurse at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where she then transitioned into a technical role as an EMR clinical analyst. She also worked at Boston Children’s Hospital where she was responsible for managing the implementation team for the Cerner EMR deployment.
Halo Health relies on Ali’s clinical, workflow and technical knowledge and experience on a daily basis. She is a member of the Senior Leadership Team and Chair of the Nursing Advisory Council.

The Voice of the Nurse

Ali spends a lot of time with customers in order to get valuable, direct feedback on features for the Halo Platform.  The feedback may be on existing features or new needs. Ali represents the voice of nurse users. She collaborates with the Halo Health development team to get nurse needs met in the platform.
“Nurses count clicks too, so every click we save, every place we streamline how the app functions is time saved,” explains Ali Morin.
Ali is also an integral part of the implementation team and will go to a customer site during the discovery phase and go live. She sees many nurses experiencing the same challenges today, that existed when she worked in a high acuity environment.

Real-time Workflow 

For example, when a patient’s acuity can change rapidly, nurses need access to the right person who can provide the orders and direction for the patient’s care. Even though nurse whiteboards are updated at the change of shift with the doctor to call, there were plenty of times when Ali would page the name on the board and the doctor went home, or was unable to assess the patient. The doctor would ask her to call someone else or simply didn’t respond.
She wasted a lot of valuable time paging doctors. This still happens to nurses multiple times a day across hospitals around the country.
When Ali started at Halo Health she was most impressed with its unique workflow management system. This is how it instantly routes critical clinical information to the right on-call clinician, role or team. Users can update their on-call status in real time.

Clinical Communication Platform for Nurse Efficiency

Providers typically round on patients once or twice a day. If nurses need doctors more it can be quite a challenge to get them to call back. Usually, it’s because they have moved on to their next unit or off to clinic. The time nurses spend waiting for call backs is outrageous. A nurse instantly knows when a secure message is delivered to a  doctor in the Halo Platform. Additionally, the user can see when it was read, or will be notified if it wasn’t. This enables a nurse to keep taking care of patients and then can escalate care if necessary.
“Nurses gain a lot of efficiency by not having to track down the on-call doctors,” adds Morin.

Partnership with Nurse Customers

The Nursing Advisory Council is a group of Halo Health customers that have in Benner’s words gone from novice users to expert. Ali leads these group discussions. The topics include change management challenges, and integrations that are meaningful for alerting purposes on smart devices.
The group has very candid discussions about what is working well and what needs attention. They discuss the challenges that nurses are facing today, such as staffing and over communication. In March they convened on how to best utilize the Halo Platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is the Halo Platform best practice tools for COVID-19.
“Our nursing advisory customers are our partners and they provide us guidance as much as we provide them our roadmap and vision,” says Morin.


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