3 Truths About Physician Workflow

Secure messaging platforms are touted for their ability to streamline physician communication. It’s evident in some cases, however, that assumptions have been made about how physicians really communicate. A lot of messaging features can sound good in theory. In practice, medical professionals would benefit most from a clinical communication platform that is responsive to these three workflow truths:

Truth 1: Physicians don’t want to see everything.
Platforms that push too many reports out to physicians are not only inefficient, they’re unwieldy. In a clinical setting, physicians don’t want to sift through hundreds of pages of electronic health records that encompass every test that’s been done on a patient. They want easy access to a very specific set of information about each patient.
Halo is integrated to provide critical labs and reports, organized for physicians depending on their specialty. Workflow is optimized by serving up the important information, not all the information.
Truth 2: Physicians can’t talk to each other as often as they want.
Although patients have always assumed their doctors were talking to each other, real-time communication has actually been a challenge. Tracking each other down in between patient visits has for decades been a frustrating game of tag.
Communication platforms that allow physicians to discreetly, and immediately, reply to each other via mobile devices can cut hours off treatment time for patients.
Truth 3: Physicians make decisions in teams.
While patients may view their physicians as the ultimate arbiter regarding their care, clinical decision-making is becoming more of a team sport. Doctors frequently consult with fellow doctors—as well as nurses, therapists, nutritionists and other specialists—to deliver multidisciplinary care.
More team members mean there’s even more emphasis on streamlined communication. Beyond simple secure messaging, there’s a great need for all providers to have access to reports and an efficient way to document treatment plans. 

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