Why Did KLAS Rate Halo Health a Top Performer in Clinical Collaboration? Our Customers Say It Best

Why Did KLAS Rate Halo Health a Top Performer in Clinical Collaboration? Our Customers Say It Best

Halo Health has once again been named a Top Performer for Clinical Collaboration Platforms in the 2021 “Best in KLAS” report and received A grades in the Culture, Value, and Loyalty pillars.

And while we appreciate the significance of being named a Top Performer, we are most proud of the impact our platform has on clinicians, healthcare organizations, and the millions of lives they care for.

See what customers say about the Halo Health Clinical Collaboration Platform.

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The KLAS Culture pillar demonstrates the integrity of Halo Health. 100% of customers agree Halo Health “Keeps All Promises.” Other elements include “Product Works as Promoted” and “Proactive Service.”

“Halo does what the vendor says it will do. We haven’t had any issues. We don’t get false promises from the vendor. They tell us what the application will do. We implemented the system, and we support it and expect it to do exactly what the vendor says it will do, and the system does. The vendor tells us exactly what the product is, and we have come to rely on that.

The system is always accurate, and we are very impressed. I haven’t had any issues.”

– CMIO, KLAS Response


The KLAS Value pillar includes “Avoids Charging for Every Little Thing”, “Money’s Worth”, and “Drives Tangible Outcomes.” In the end, our customers value outcomes and experience – particularly during times of duress, such as the global pandemic.

“I would give Halo a high rating for driving tangible outcomes. With COVID‑19, we have used it so much to increase the safety of the organization for patients and staff and to communicate when we needed approvals and reviews of things to determine whether they were urgent cases. That was keeping my licensure in place, but it was also protecting the patients’ safety.

Every excellent outcome we had during [COVID-19] involved Halo. We have definitely received our money’s worth.”

– Manager, KLAS Response

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The KLAS Loyalty pillar includes “Would You Buy Again,” “Likely to Recommend,” and “Overall Satisfaction.” Here’s what customers say about their Loyalty to the Halo CCP:

“I would tell others that Halo is by far the best communications platform that we have seen, including our native EMR communication platform as well. Halo is better, and that is why we are sticking with it.

The system is intuitive and simple, and the support is outstanding. We are using the product that we should be using. We are very happy with it. I have no reason to believe that we won’t be extremely satisfied with the system a year from now.”

– CMIO, KLAS Response

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