Halo Platform For Acute Care

The Clinical Collaboration Platform

The Halo Platform is a highly scalable and cost-effective clinical collaboration solution for acute care organizations. Role and team-based communication, scheduling and many other features are unified on a single mobile platform.

The Halo Platform instantly delivers time-sensitive information to the right person, role or team to accelerate patient care. 

Halo Platform Key Features


Secure, role-based messaging


Physician on-call scheduling


Critical results




VoIP calling


Available on personal or shared mobile devices (Android and iOS) and workstations


AWS cloud-hosted


Advanced integrations with EHR, nurse call and patient monitoring systems

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Halo Platform Benefits

  • Speed communication and care team collaboration
  • Streamline clinical and operational workflows
  • Improve care team coordination 
  • Native scheduling within communication platform manages complex, shift-based, on-call requirements
  • Reduce costs by consolidating technology and utilizing a cloud‑based platform
  • Improve clinical collaboration and referrals between health systems and affiliated physicians with fast and easy communication and shared schedules
  • Ensure user adoption with intuitive design and increased efficiency
  • Support growth with unlimited scalability


Halo Health’s professional services, support, and customer success staff ensure each deployment follows best practices and takes the unique needs of each customer into account. Halo also ensures clinical communication workflow optimizations are discussed with customers long after the implementation.

View our blog on Virtual Implementation Best Practices.

Halo Health is a strategic technical and clinical partner dedicated to helping customers standardize communication, consolidate technology, and connect the clinical community.

Halo Health was founded by physicians in 2010, and continues to develop its platform with clinical workflow benefits in mind.


Driving success during the implementation of a mission-critical clinical collaboration platform is no small feat. Our experience with standardizing communication at healthcare provider organizations of all sizes and complexities provides predicted outcomes for all stakeholders. This type of implementation requires strong and detailed project management, in-depth clinical and technical workflow expertise, and training and education that empowers end users to utilize the system to the best of their ability. Halo Health offers the same level of on-site expertise in virtual implementations with no on-site presence needed.

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform utilizes industry standard protocols to integrate with a wide variety of clinical applications to ensure clinicians have real-time access to this critical information from their mobile device. Halo integrates with existing EHR, nurse call, PBX, and patient monitoring systems to provide a unified platform for patient-centric messaging, scheduling, voice calling, critical results, and alerts.

The first level of technical support is provided by a customer admin, who is typically an IT department staff member. Halo ensures this person is trained to handle the most commonly asked user questions, knows how to provision new users, and much more.

The second level of support is provided 24/7/365 by Halo Health. Our customer support team is staffed by full-time employees that are very knowledgeable of the Halo Platform.

Halo provides an online knowledge base with user training documents and videos.

Halo has a team dedicated to ensuring that customers are satisfied and are continuously optimizing workflows in the Halo Platform to ensure they get the best results. The team meets with customers to review their experiences with Halo, understand their latest business, communication and workflow needs, and reviews analytics captured in the Halo Platform. Analytics can provide insights into optimization or training opportunities. Halo often shares use case examples with customers so that all may take advantage of communication efficiencies.

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Halo's Impact


We have had a terrific experience with Halo and we really see them as a partner. I don’t use the word ‘partner’ lightly - as you can imagine, we have hundreds and thousands of vendors that we work with and only a handful are truly partners. We weren’t just a customer to them and they are really trying to understand our business and offer a better product.

-Lee Milligan, MD, CIO, Asante

Halo enables us to achieve our strategic objective of expanding our mobile communication platform with high reliability to expedite critical communications and workflows that will enhance patient care and improve clinicians’ efficiency

- J. William Wulf, MD, CEO, Central Ohio Primary Care.

It used to take three phone calls and 10-12 minutes to get someone from the ER into a hospital bed. With Halo it takes ZERO phone calls and 2 minutes. Over the course of the day, the time savings is huge!

-Donna Nolte, MSN, CCRN, Director of Nursing & Support Services, Infirmary Health



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