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Healthcare Communication and Collaboration

Role-based collaboration that combines scheduling, teams, and communication on a unified platform. Get the right information to the right person - instantly.

The Halo Platform Delivers:

Cost Effective@2x

Cost-Effective and Intuitive Comprehensive Solution

Role-based collaboration on a unified cost-effective platform, combining scheduling, teams, and communication.

Clinical Workflows@2x

Streamlined Workflow and Communication

Cloud-based platform accelerates care and reduces clinician fatigue and interruptions.

Expanded Network@2x

Expanded Network with Shared Communication & Schedules

Expands referral network with community platform enabling shared communication and schedules between health systems and affiliated organizations.

The Halo Platform is the Smart Solution for Clinical Collaboration

The Halo Platform’s workflow management system is the brain that instantly routes time-sensitive information to the right person, role or team via the right communication channel.

The Halo Platform includes: secure, role-based messaging, on-call scheduling, critical results, alerts, VoIP calling and analytics - all in one, unified solution. Available on personal or shared mobile devices and workstations.

The cloud-hosted Halo Platform is easy to deploy and is highly secure, reliable and scalable.

An all-in-one solution to streamline clinical communication and workflows, connect with the clinician community and accelerate patient care – that’s smart!

Halo Health Partners with Your Health Organization


Acute Care

Role-based communication speeds care team coordination and increases clinician efficiency. The Halo Platform scales to any size health system or hospital.  


Ambulatory Care

Secure Messaging, on-call scheduling and many other features on a unified cloud-hosted platform reduces costs. The Halo Platform is easy to use and maintain.


Long Term Care

Patient-centric information instantly messaged to care teams streamlines clinical workflows. The Halo Platform operates on shared or personal mobile devices and workstations.

Trusted by Top Health Organizations Across the Nation

Chief Information Officer, Asante Health Knowing Halo is a secure, HIPAA-compliant system where we can discuss patients safely is huge for compliance... There is a confidence knowing everyone communicating about patient care is on the same platform. Dr. Lee Milligan MSN, CCRN, Director of Nursing & Support Services, Thomas Hospital, Infirmary Health It used to take three phone calls and 10 - 12 minutes to get someone from the ER into a hospital bed. With Halo it takes ZERO phone calls and 2 minutes. Over the course of the day, the times savings is huge! Donna Nolte Chief Information Officer,
Central Ohio Primary Care
Communicating with phone calls and messages through the EHR was extraordinarily inefficient. The Halo platform allows our care team to collaborate quickly and efficiently. Angelo Mazzacco
Accredited Home Care It's been a very effective tool for getting in touch with other clinicians, and the response times are so much faster! Danrochelle Yumul Telecommunicatons Supervisor, St. Joseph Healthcare The hospitalists love Halo because previously we could not send patient information with the pagers. Eileen Carroll

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KLAS Report
Clinical Communication Platforms 2020
Halo Platform is a TOP PERFORMER

See why the Halo Platform was rated as a Top Performer in the KLAS report on Clinical Communication Platforms


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See why the Halo Platform was rated as a Top Performer in the KLAS report on Clinical Communication Platforms

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